Top Contributors

For Arabic language for OpenSolaris OS in The World

OpenSolaris 2009.06

List of Contributors (as of 2009-04-24)

In the table below, you can see the top contributors to OpenSolaris SW translation. The meaning of each column is the following:

  • ORDER: table is sorted by volume of translated segments; i.e. the 1st row means the highest number of segments
  • TRANCOUNT: number of translated text segments (not sentences). One text segment is represented as one row in CTI editor.
  • USERNAME: CTI username

The number of segments is counted from CTI translations. The number was taken on 2009-04-24 as this was the deadline for finalizing messages translation. Contributors with less than 10 segments are not shown (actually there are 19 users with less than 10 contributed segments).

We really appreciate your contribution. In order to acknowledge your help, we would like to give small present (t-shirt) to the top contributors that translated more than 100 segments – bold entries in the table.

1 2618 ahosam
2 966 kristynakitz
3 653 karenza
4 584 speedy_cz
5 547 mr at tkb dot pl
6 396 asyropoulos
7 370 surizs
8 318 ricardocz
9 293 PetrK
10 287 midi
11 282 bartus11
12 168 slax1975
13 157 radex
14 129 coe
15 104 yugo
16 103 winbugsmx

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