MLDonkey for OpenSolaris @ Multimedia Repository

To all Video Codec to OpenSolaris with Repository and can to play any video code

I’ve added MLDonkey 3.0.0 to my repository at The only network I have compiled into this MLDonkey package is the eDonkey/Overnet network. Click on the picture below to get an idea of how MLDonkey works.

One of the things I love most about MLDonkey is the fact that you can have the CORE running on a different computer to the GUI. I have included the GTK2 GUI in the package however there are a lot of others, including PHP, available from the MLDonkey website.

MLDonkey Screenshot
You can add my repository to your installation and install MLDonkey by follow the steps below.

  1. “pkg set-authority -O” to add repository.
  2. “pkg refresh –full” to update catalog.
  3. “pkg install MBLmldonkey” to install MLDonkey.

Let me know if you have any problems.

Have fun.


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