Official Sun supported IPS repositories for OpenSolaris

You might be wondering what are the various IPS servers that Sun is supporting, what ever you are a free user of OpenSolaris, or a registered user requiring professional support on OpenSolaris, on HA Cluster, on the Sun Web Stack or the GlassFish Web Space Server.

So let’s review the various IPS server we do have actually:

If you are a registered user (whithout any support contract, but you need to register at, you can have freely access to:

If you have bought support from Sun, you’ll then have access to (you’ll receive a key and a certificate to access them)

There are many other IPS servers, not supported by Sun, that you can use to download OpenSource software. Be aware that not all softwares are available in IPS format (latest Adobe reader from Adobe, latest NVidia drivers, …).

The last usefull OpenSource software resource I would like to remind is where a lot of OpenSource software has been compiled for OpenSolaris (have a look here).


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