How to change Solaris Regulare User to have root Role

* Create Requlare User as Normal Solaris User 

root@node2# useradd -c “Comment” -d /export/home/User_Name User_Name
root@node2# useradd -c “Regulare User with root Role” -d /export/home/Support Support
                      -c Comment
                      -d User Home Directory
                      – User_Name

* Assign Password for User Support with Specifies the repository to which an operation is
applied. The supported repositories are files, ldap, or nis.
root@node2:/# passwd -r files Support
New Password:
Re-enter new Password:
passwd: password successfully changed for Support

* Assign the root Role to User Account (Support)
root@node2:/# usermod -R root Support

* Login by New User (Support)
bash-4.1$ whoami
bash-4.1$ roles


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