lofiadm Solaris Mount an ISO Image

Just like linux loopback device Sun Solaris UNIX has lofi loopback file driver. The lofi file driver exports a file as a block device. Reads and writes to the block device are translated to reads and writes on the underlying file. This is useful when the file
contains a file system image (such as ISO image). Exporting it as a block device
through the lofi file driver allows normal system utilities to operate on the image through the block device like mount and fsck. This is useful for accessing CD-ROM and FAT floppy images.

lofiadm is command you need to use mounting an existing CD-ROM image under Sun Solaris UNIX. This is useful when the file contains an image of some flesystem (such as a floppy or CD-ROM image), because the block device can then be used with the normal system utilities for mounting, checking or repairing filesystem

Mounting an Existing ISO CD-ROM Image under Solaris UNIX

We have image with name cd.iso, you can type command

# lofiadm -a /path/to/cd.iso



Please note that the file name argument on lofiadm must be fully  qualified and the path must be absolute

not relative (thanks to mike for  tip). /dev/lofi/1 is the device, use the same to mount iso image

with mount command:

# mount -o ro -F hsfs /dev/lofi/1 /mnt
# cd /mnt
# ls -l
# df -k /mnt

Mount the loopback device as a randomly accessible file system with

#mount -F hsfs -o ro /dev/lofi/X /mnt.

Alternatively, use this combined format:

#mount -F hsfs -o ro `lofiadm -a /path/to/image.iso` /mnt

Unmount and detach the images

Use umount command to unmount image:
# umount /mnt

Now remove/free block device:
# lofiadm -d /dev/lofi/1

For more information read lofiadm and lofi man pages by typing the  following command:

man lofiadm


What’s New in OpenSolaris 2010.05

Draft “What’s new in OpenSolaris 2010.05” document

1. Introduction

OpenSolaris 2010.05 is the latest release of the OpenSolaris Operating System, a powerful and complete operating environment for users. developers and deployers. OpenSolaris prides itself on being a secure, stable, and highly scalable system. The OpenSolaris OS is open source software and freely re-distributable, and provides all the tools users expect from a modern computing environment. Additional software can easily be installed from online network package repositories.

OpenSolaris 2010.05 is available in many forms – from a Live CD for x86/x64 to a hands off Automated Install for SPARC and x86/x64.

Download OpenSolaris 2010.05 today.

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OpenSolaris – Arabic Portal it’s Start



Start Arabic Portal for OpenSolaris OS inside web site

09-06-2009 5:00AM

Arabic Portal

You can Join us and work to Improve OpenSolaris for Arabic world and Distrubute between Arabic People and You can Cortribute to Translate

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