New Persona from Firefox >>>

Personas are easy-to-use themes that let you personalize the look of your Firefox

Firefox 3.6 has introduced a new feature (that was in Beta for some time): Personas.

What’s a Persona? From Firefox’ own description: Personas are easy-to-use themes that let you personalize the look of your Firefox There’s a very nicely done video on the Firefox Personas site to introduce the feature.

If you (or your friendly sysadmin) haven’t upgraded to Firefox 3.6 yet, you can still install the Personas Plus Add-On to enjoy all of the Personas goodness.

Very easy to use indeed: Roll your mouse over a Persona image and see immediately how it looks on your browser. Click on “install” and make it permanent. Theming made super-easy!

Of course, I started searching for an OpenSolaris Persona as soon as I found out about this feature. There wasn’t any. Yet.

Creating your own Firefox Persona is really easy, so I got my hands dirty with Gimp on my OpenSolaris work machine, perused some of the supplied OpenSolaris GNOME desktop backgrounds, and…

Voila! Today, the nice and restless Firefox Personas folks approved my own homebrew OpenSolaris Persona! It’s available from the Firefox Personas website, ready to try and wear instantly!

Constantins OpenSolaris Persona

(Note: I would have loved to bring you the instant tryout and install goodness to this image, but, alas, my JavaScript, jQuery and Drupal skills aren’t sufficient to do this right now. Just click on the image to be taken to the Persona site and try it out from there.)

So, if you’re a fan of OpenSolaris, why not dress up your Firefox web browser and wear the OpenSolaris persona?

If you’re involved in any official OpenSolaris marketing: Let me know when there’s an officially approved OpenSolaris Firefox Persona, and I’ll be happy to point people at it.

Meanwhile, have fun while wearing the unofficial OpenSolaris Firefox Persona now!